Music Sequencing

Music sequencing software allows you to create and manage electronic music. It is often called a digital music workstation because it features audio editing and processing capabilities. Even though there are still standard hardware sequencers, they are not in demand as much as they once were with the advances in technology. A music sequencer that can show music notation and piano roll notation is called a scorewriter.

There are many different types of music sequencers available from a range of companies.

ACID Pro: This sequencer was the first of its kind on the market produced by Sony. In this software, the user can simply drop and drag a loop file, such as a drum and bass loop, into an audio file. There is no sonic degradation in this process, as the added loop will automatically adjust to the tempo and key of the song. With this software, one can create whole compositions, beats and music textures without having to deal with key signatures. The loops are painted across the screen to help create music tracks.

Cubase: A German firm, Steinberg, produces this software along with another named Nuendo. With this software one can edit raw audio tracks and lyrics and present them in a range of formats. Various tracks can also be mixed into one audio file. There are many different versions of Cubase that have been released since 1989.

Digital Performer: With Digital Performer, one can record the instrumental accompaniments for a song and insert them into a live recording. In this manner, a musician can make a recording of a song with or without music and then add the different instruments later.

FL Studio: This software provides a fully automated workstation with extensive MIDI support and numerous features for editing, mixing and recording audio in just about every genre of music. There are several versions of this software, each one containing different features.

While there are many more types of music sequencing software, users generally gravitate towards one developer or look for one that has an attractive price tag. One can purchase this software online and download it to the computer or purchase it in a store and install it by using the CD.